National Chiayi University

Department of Applied Physics, Graduate institute of Optoelectronics and Solid State Electronics

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  The education offered by this department not only focuses on the traditional physics training, but also includes the courses of electronics, electronics experiment, experimental physics, experimental physics techniques, and so on. This arrangement will enable the students to combine the theoretical courses with the experimental courses. 

  Based on the characteristics of emphasizing the courses of electronics experiment and experimental physics techniques, we hope the students indeed understand the physics and be capable of solving the problems by hands. By experiencing the real situations, they should promote their interests in the physics. When the students are in the third grade, they must choose appropriate programs according to their own interests and make further course planning in coordination with the special topics courses lectured by the teachers. Now the research fields of the faculty include solid state physics, optoelectronics, and semiconductor. The students are welcomed to enter the laboratory and join the research tasks such that they can verify the theory discussed in the class.

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